Digital Marketing for Engineering Web Sites

digital marketing

Do you have an engineering products or services website? How do you get your business leads?

While a large number of companies get their business through referrals, repeat orders and cold calling (don’t you just hate cold calling), a very potent method of generating leads is digital marketing, specially through the Internet. This generates inbound leads (people who approach you on their initiative), which are better quality leads.

There are several components of Internet based marketing as discussed here:

digital marketing - website optimization

Your Website

You need to have a strong website which clearly explains what you do or sell and speaks the language of your potential customer. A large number of web sites focus on showing their product features and company history, which is of interest only when the potential sees that your product is useful for him/her.

Websites that focus on the customer requirements and explain how the product will fulfill the needs or solve the problem perform better and generate more business. A popular method is to provide a white paper to people who raise their hands and request the same by filling up a short form.

However your website needs to be found by the potential before you can serve the information. Website optimization for better rankings on the search engines is a vast subject and is best handled by good consultant unless you have an in-house team of experts. You should also consider getting a new logo designed for a renewed marketing push, if the old one is not creating a good impact.

digital marketing - social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Your customers are inherently social. With the proliferation of web sites and tools like Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Pinterest and other chat sites, they are interacting with the peers and the world more and more.

As they say "You should advertise where your prospects are'. If your prospects are hanging out on LinkedIN, that is where you should advertise your stuff.

A strategy that works very well is to blog about new product launches, special features of your services, how to reach you in case of need, customer testimonials, case studies and like. This way even if your target group does not have a need right now, they can follow you and your name can stay on top of their radar. This Wedding software site applies this strategy very well. You prospects can contact you when the need arises.

Media Buys

Say your target group reads a particular magazine or follows a certain industry blog regularly, it makes a lot of sense to advertise there in the form of sponsored posts, banner ads, endorsements or affiliate partnerships. These will repay the investment many times over if correctly done.

digital marketing with paid ads online

Paid Advertising

Even though some of the above also include paid advertising options, I wanted to talk about this specifically because this is a very potent medium. You can expect very quick response from nicely done paid advertising. The main focus should be on delivering matching pitch to highly targeted groups for best reach and ROI, as applied by this bulk sunglasses dealer.

Landing pages play a major role in generating good quality leads from any campaign. Match the content on the page with the intent of the visitor. If they came to download a white paper, you must offer that white paper upfront and in very obvious ways. Of course, you can follow this up with a good pitch but you must deliver what you promised in the ad.

digital marketing - content marketing is evergreen

Content Marketing

This has been partially covered above. However, this deserves an entire section. This is the information age and people are going on the 'Net for information. If you can create and package good quality information answering the prospects' questions (explicitly asked and in mind), your content can get viral (people will be passing on your info-sheets) generating a super buzz and spreading your message far and wide. This Andaman travel site nails the content game.

Some important content options are: blogs, white papers, spec sheets, 'how to' articles, infographics, explainer videos, PPT decks, articles etc.

Case studies showing challenges of specific client or industry and how your product solved them are very popular.

I hope this information helps you develop a good digital marketing strategy. Feel free to get in touch for further discussion and professional help in this regard.

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